Needle Felting with Pippa Pease

On 14th of March a merry band of would be and experienced needle felters joined Pippa Pease to have a go at both 2D and 3D Needle Felting. I had bought a brand new kit with three different needle holders. Luckily for me Pippa explained how they were put together otherwise it would have been a frustrating morning.

Our first task was to choose a picture of a landscape and draw it onto a piece of blanket with a fabric pen. We then selected our first colour and placed our blanket on top of a piece foam. I used a piece of polystyrene but found it got thinner and thinner, others used specially bought foam, and Daphne had a special brush. The thing that worked best was your basic cushion (upholstery) foam so don’t throw it away if you have some, as this did not hold on to the wool and leave you with a fussy coating.


Pippa then demonstrated the correct way to stab the wool into the blanket which is straight up and down. If you come in sideways you can easily break the needles as we soon discovered. The amount of stabbing you do depends on the final texture you want, Judith for example did her back ground finer than her tree so that she got a 3D effect and it stood out against the back ground beautifully. Jenny took tiny bits of wool in thin layers and created a delicate


beautiful landscape. All of us enjoyed the process and the room was full of long stretches of silent concentration. After lunch we made a 3D bird. Much more stabbing of fingers took place and I was convinced mine was going to turn into a dolphin. It does look a little like a bird but I still think there is some dolphin genes in there too!  Claire and June’s birds had wonderful wide tails and Ciera our youngest member did several pictures with
WP_20150314_013 and flowers as well as a bird. It was a great workshop and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day thanks to Pippa’s  explanations and advice.