Jill Arnold

A talk on Jill’s Textile Journey – May 2015

Jill gave us a fascinating insight into her textile practice, 2women2originally she was a museum curator which gave her a rich cultural background including textiles. She has also studied textiles at a number of colleges throughout the years and recently completed her M.A. in Textile Culture – graduating with a distinction.

Her work ranges from richly stitched miniatures interpreting Native American and Mediaeval themes, to landscape interpreted through photography, knitting and stitched textiles including some site specific piecesKnitting JA based on heather and old buildings up in the moors.

Recently Jill has been exploring the paraphernalia of women’s work (the needlecrafts) through a variety of media.

War Story JACurrently she is producing work in her Womenneedle roll JA series embracing the idea of all – or any women – in the dress of different periods, expressed through stitch and line. You can see more of her work at  www.jillarnold.org.uk or e-mail her on jill.arnold@lineone.net