Evening Workshop with Tod Evans

Instead of our usual Show and Tell session last month we invited Tod Evans back for another drawing session. It was truly wonderful, as was the workshop we did with her last year. The only problem was that 2 hours were just not long enough and we all went home with tasks to finish. The subject was worldwide textiles and some members brought in textiles from Ghana and Central Asia as inspiration. We also had a wide range of photocopies covering textiles from many different countries.

Tod took us through three drawing exercises using the following simple equipment

A3 Cartridge paper, at least 2 sheets
Black marker pen (Sharpie pens are great)
A4 tracing paper x 4 sheets
Wax crayons (box of Crayola, the sort children use)










The first exercise involved tracing designs from sections of our source picture or piece of fabric. Then traced two more copies from the first tracing (If you get the picture – 3 copies of our chosen design on tracings paper) We then lay the tracings over the top of each other in a random way and traced the new configuration.


First sketch


3 tracings layered










Final sketch


Exercise two involved cutting out two L shapes in paper to create a frame which we then placed over the new tracing to select smaller areas. Next we made a grid on a piece of A4 paper consisting of squares 6,8 however many you are comfortable with and selected small areas of our design using the frame and sketched an enlarged version of that area within one of the squares.

The final exercise was to  colour in a sheet of A3 cartridge paper, fold it in half, open up and then on     the inside of one half  completely cover it with pastels selecting a range of colours that appealed or suited our source. These were then rubbed gently to smooth and blend, then cover the area again on top of the pastels with coloured wax crayons.  To complete, fold you paper up again then with a biro draw a section of the original picture, when you open your page again you should have a coloured version of this sketch was etched into the pastel base and on the facing side – a negative and positive etching.


Negative image


Positive image

I would highly recommend branches contacting Tod as she makes drawing such fun even for the very scared. Please feel free to contact the King’s Lynn branch for her details.