Happy New Year

new year 2018

Another new year offering us opportunities to get creative. Looking forward to new learning new techniques and using new as well as old materials.

We have great speakers to wow us with their work and then in some cases show us the techniques they use to create them in workshops.

A new year is also a time to reflect on the past year. What has been great about it? what has not been so great and can be improved?

As a group we need to move onwards and upwards. How will we do this?

There have been many suggestions including changing to daytime meetings with a talk in the morning and a workshop in the afternoon. Moving from a weekday to a weekend. As well as having less talking and more learning.

All great and valid suggestions which we as a group need to look at and decide what will be best overall. Of course we are always open to further suggestions to improve and grow our group. To do this just send a email to a committee member or submit your suggestion during the meetings at Any Other business. Of course if your shy you can just have a quiet word with a committee member who will present your idea during the meeting on your behalf.


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